The forgotten Gods

The Remembered God

The Acolytes travel to the surface of the shrine world Thaur to prevent the Children of the Inheritance from accomplishing their goal of resurrecting an ancient xenos god. Before they can halt the cult’s plan, however, Thaur’s planetary governorLord of the Wake Jeronius Pyre, the Lord of the Wake. Suspecting the Acolytes of smuggling, a growing worry on his world, Lord of the Wake Jeronius Pyre orders them taken captive. Thanks to Morrinoe and her connection to the governor, plus Octavious granted them freedom and prove ( Deseced) Arch-Rector Legatarius Carolus Renthea guilt. The Acolytes travel into the dense and dangerous forests of Thaur, through the ancient ossuaries, and descend into the depths of Thaur. Deep beneath a large gathering on the surface, where thousands of worshipers are celebrating a great Imperial saint, the Inheritors prepare the ritual to awaken their god. They came to late as Daemon Prince Suvfaeras manifest himself. He left after mocking the warband to empower himself. They decided to go after ( Deseced) Arch-Rector Legatarius Carolus Renthea to stop him from preforming the ritual that would anchor Daemon Prince Suvfaeras to Thaur. They slayed him but soon afterwards Daemon Prince Suvfaeras appeared again to fight them. After a deadly battle they where able to banish the daemon with the help from Morrinoe, Archillius Pilgrim of the Purge Path and the soldiers provieded to them. They saved Thaur from being plunged back into the darkness that swallowed its former inhabitants. Even so, they must contend with the damning knowledge that the long-dead alien race that once populated Thaur, and perhaps other worlds of the Askellon Sector, fell into the grip of Chaos. Thus, these xenos doomed themselves and left a lasting corruption staining the sector’s worlds, a terrible peril that could still be the fall of Mankind.



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