The forgotten Gods

To the World of Bone

The Acolytes found themselves on the voidship Oath Unspoken. Their they carried out their investigations. In addition to the crew, the Oath Unspoken is currently carrying several thousand pilgrims on the journey to Thaur. Octavious went to their masse early on, he was able to gte them work up about heretics on the ship. Now they want to find them and put them to death. Imk and Silva Lupus ran into Jairus again. He lead them to his new bossLady Killian, that was not happy to see them. She had a Investigator Tichondrius with her. Before they where about to leave they where summoned by the Rouge trader captain to dinner.
Meanvie Alucard scamemd passenegrs on gabling. He even got some rare lho sticks from a paculiar guardswoman. Gregory tried to find for any leads but could not detcet anything.



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