The forgotten Gods

Standing in the shadow

Inquisitor Marius meet with the Acolytes and informed about howOath-Captain Kaytian Nils was seeking their help with a case.

The scene is marked by several strange factors that led her to reach out to the Acolytes. Confirming the Oath-Captain’s fears that something unnatural and heretical is at work, the crime scene that the Acolytes find themselves investigating is the aftermath of a deadly encounter between smugglers of the Trade Sable and cultists. After trying to track down the survivors with the xenos artefacts. They had a run in with a tech-priest that helped them pin point their targets with the vox they found on one of the bodies. On the way they meet with a begger, who seem to know much more then he should about what was happening. He claimed his name was Krumb. He asksed the Acolytes to deliver a ring to a landing platform if they could. Then they hunt down the smugglers and killed all but their leader. They found a map on them that indicated that they where heading out of the hive. They made a deal to get a ride and forced a waste local named Lano for help.



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