The forgotten Gods

Into the wastes

They had barley head out before they where almost hit by Basilisk rounds. Turned out they where in a military training zone. After convincing the officer to let them pass. They ran into a trader and bartered some goods. They later ran into bandits lead by ( Deseced) Frohrn the slayer. After a short confrentastion the Acyoltes continoue tracking down the smugglers. After finding their base and attempting to interigate ( Deseced) Jarrik tyrnel. Octavious tried to use Zax Holthane to get into the base. He was succesful. They where Abel to meet with Golsken Hres. They made a deal and he told them that some cultist calling themselves the Inheritors was going to leav the planet with Xeno aretfacts.



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