The forgotten Gods

Darker than Sable

After tracking down the lair of the cultists. the Acolytes decided to take a look. Imk went first only to be ambushed by a cultist. Shorthly after that Alucard notice that somebody was watching them. After a shorth chase he knocked the person out cold. Only for a comrade to appear. The man claimed to be helping them taking out the cultists but refuse to reveal his true allegiance. The group left the holds back to the bazar. Imk participated in a Pit fight. He beat the champion of the arena and his associatsed with masks carried him away. Only for it all to be interrupted by the Ship’s armsman. Silva Lupus quick wits where able to clear them off any trouble. After some inquiry around the area they found out about where the cultist potentielly where located. They followed the lead only to find the aftermatch of a fight. The last survivor of the smugglers told them that the Inheritors had turned on them. He also reveald that they plan to take over the ship and sacrefice it to their God.



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