The forgotten Gods

Amongst the dead

Alucard and Octavious went to the enigerum to look for Jairus, becuase a potensial ‘witch’ he killed might have been important informastion about the imperil tithe theft. The tech priests where troubled by what they told them. The two where taken to Enginseer Primus Orathion that interrgate them as they believed Jairus to be a tech assassin after their tech. They where later thrown into a holding cell.

Silva Lupus and Imk were unable to meet with Aristide Anzaforr but instead Lord Tenner Havofa ran into them. He seemed troubled by his son’s msichivouse behaviour.

Greggory where able to tail some thugs down into the cargo hold. There they meet with a cultist where he learned about their plans. He also did pry into the cultist mind. After doing so he went back up to meet up with the others. He saw Lady Killian with the guardswoman and Investigator Tichondrius he pry into her mind as well. Afterward he meet up with Silva Lupus and Imk. They decided to go to the enigerum to find the other two. They where able to negoaste and earn their freedom and get back their belongings. Then they decided to hunt down the cultists in the cargo hold.



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