The forgotten Gods

A pestilent heart

After the conflict in Gantry, and with both the Sanctionaries and Red walks in tow, the Acolytes descend into the sump-swamp and the wild ruins of the Underhive. A perilous journey in its own right, having the fend off sightless horrors. The Blessed Flesh’s was hidden in the remains of a massive archeotech construction platform, a veritable fortress rising from the toxic river. Through force, the Acolyte’s raced up to stop Ferrue Fayne before he could summon up a Herald of Nurgle to lead his army of animated dead. They where able to kill him but Aynthrexes appeard. Vornas Crimson try to cut the deamon, only to be crushed by it’s massive bone club. It took the combined by efforts by everybody to stop the deamon. he left leaving an ill omen about what awaited the warband. Imk declared himself the new leader of the Red walk. Now hopefully, the peace has been restored to the underhive.



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