The forgotten Gods

A dinner with the Lord-Captain

Silva Lupus andImk found themselves ona banquet with the rouge trader Aristide Anzaforr. He wanted to help them with whatever they mighht need help with. He also wanting to prove that he was a honest man had his ally Morrinoe in on their dinner. The xeno diden’t say much but the Lord-captain told them that he would help them find their smugglers.

After the dinner Investigator Tichondrius arrested Imk and Silva Lupus with Lady Killian’s athourity. They where under suspeicosen even being involved of stealing imperial tithes. Silva Lupus where able to get them out of the trouble when Octavious found them and could prove that they worked for a higher power.

Alucard meet the guardswoman again that tried to force him to give the lho sticks and credits back under gun threat. Greggory used his power to leave her their in a weaken state.

Then they all meet and shared what they had learned.



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