The forgotten Gods

The Remembered God

The Acolytes travel to the surface of the shrine world Thaur to prevent the Children of the Inheritance from accomplishing their goal of resurrecting an ancient xenos god. Before they can halt the cult’s plan, however, Thaur’s planetary governorLord of the Wake Jeronius Pyre, the Lord of the Wake. Suspecting the Acolytes of smuggling, a growing worry on his world, Lord of the Wake Jeronius Pyre orders them taken captive. Thanks to Morrinoe and her connection to the governor, plus Octavious granted them freedom and prove ( Deseced) Arch-Rector Legatarius Carolus Renthea guilt. The Acolytes travel into the dense and dangerous forests of Thaur, through the ancient ossuaries, and descend into the depths of Thaur. Deep beneath a large gathering on the surface, where thousands of worshipers are celebrating a great Imperial saint, the Inheritors prepare the ritual to awaken their god. They came to late as Daemon Prince Suvfaeras manifest himself. He left after mocking the warband to empower himself. They decided to go after ( Deseced) Arch-Rector Legatarius Carolus Renthea to stop him from preforming the ritual that would anchor Daemon Prince Suvfaeras to Thaur. They slayed him but soon afterwards Daemon Prince Suvfaeras appeared again to fight them. After a deadly battle they where able to banish the daemon with the help from Morrinoe, Archillius Pilgrim of the Purge Path and the soldiers provieded to them. They saved Thaur from being plunged back into the darkness that swallowed its former inhabitants. Even so, they must contend with the damning knowledge that the long-dead alien race that once populated Thaur, and perhaps other worlds of the Askellon Sector, fell into the grip of Chaos. Thus, these xenos doomed themselves and left a lasting corruption staining the sector’s worlds, a terrible peril that could still be the fall of Mankind.

Making a plan

The Acoyltes found out that the cultist our planning to summon som,e sort of being from the warp to Thuar, and usea lot fo souls to feed it. They also learned that Somnius was working with the cult and is planning to get back on them. After finding Imk and seeing to that he is ready for fighting the group agree to Morrinoe helping them as she seemed willing to do that. Then they stocked up on ammo and gear. They prepared to land on the Tomb world they where approching.

The battle for the Oath Unspoken

The group headed back to Aristide Anzaforr with the grave news of what the cultists where planning. They peapeard their defences at the bridge. When the ship reemerge into the materium universe the attack started. Imk and Octavious defended the bridge from the mutants storming in. The other thought the cultists gunfire with their own.

And melta bomb detonated and took out all but Octavious, even Imk was in the center of the blast. The Cultists where taken out and order restored. By the Emperor’s mercy Imk survived but had to receive multiple cybernetics. Greggory was looking at the belongings of the cultist leader.

Darker than Sable

After tracking down the lair of the cultists. the Acolytes decided to take a look. Imk went first only to be ambushed by a cultist. Shorthly after that Alucard notice that somebody was watching them. After a shorth chase he knocked the person out cold. Only for a comrade to appear. The man claimed to be helping them taking out the cultists but refuse to reveal his true allegiance. The group left the holds back to the bazar. Imk participated in a Pit fight. He beat the champion of the arena and his associatsed with masks carried him away. Only for it all to be interrupted by the Ship’s armsman. Silva Lupus quick wits where able to clear them off any trouble. After some inquiry around the area they found out about where the cultist potentielly where located. They followed the lead only to find the aftermatch of a fight. The last survivor of the smugglers told them that the Inheritors had turned on them. He also reveald that they plan to take over the ship and sacrefice it to their God.

Amongst the dead

Alucard and Octavious went to the enigerum to look for Jairus, becuase a potensial ‘witch’ he killed might have been important informastion about the imperil tithe theft. The tech priests where troubled by what they told them. The two where taken to Enginseer Primus Orathion that interrgate them as they believed Jairus to be a tech assassin after their tech. They where later thrown into a holding cell.

Silva Lupus and Imk were unable to meet with Aristide Anzaforr but instead Lord Tenner Havofa ran into them. He seemed troubled by his son’s msichivouse behaviour.

Greggory where able to tail some thugs down into the cargo hold. There they meet with a cultist where he learned about their plans. He also did pry into the cultist mind. After doing so he went back up to meet up with the others. He saw Lady Killian with the guardswoman and Investigator Tichondrius he pry into her mind as well. Afterward he meet up with Silva Lupus and Imk. They decided to go to the enigerum to find the other two. They where able to negoaste and earn their freedom and get back their belongings. Then they decided to hunt down the cultists in the cargo hold.

A dinner with the Lord-Captain

Silva Lupus andImk found themselves ona banquet with the rouge trader Aristide Anzaforr. He wanted to help them with whatever they mighht need help with. He also wanting to prove that he was a honest man had his ally Morrinoe in on their dinner. The xeno diden’t say much but the Lord-captain told them that he would help them find their smugglers.

After the dinner Investigator Tichondrius arrested Imk and Silva Lupus with Lady Killian’s athourity. They where under suspeicosen even being involved of stealing imperial tithes. Silva Lupus where able to get them out of the trouble when Octavious found them and could prove that they worked for a higher power.

Alucard meet the guardswoman again that tried to force him to give the lho sticks and credits back under gun threat. Greggory used his power to leave her their in a weaken state.

Then they all meet and shared what they had learned.

To the World of Bone

The Acolytes found themselves on the voidship Oath Unspoken. Their they carried out their investigations. In addition to the crew, the Oath Unspoken is currently carrying several thousand pilgrims on the journey to Thaur. Octavious went to their masse early on, he was able to gte them work up about heretics on the ship. Now they want to find them and put them to death. Imk and Silva Lupus ran into Jairus again. He lead them to his new bossLady Killian, that was not happy to see them. She had a Investigator Tichondrius with her. Before they where about to leave they where summoned by the Rouge trader captain to dinner.
Meanvie Alucard scamemd passenegrs on gabling. He even got some rare lho sticks from a paculiar guardswoman. Gregory tried to find for any leads but could not detcet anything.

Into the wastes

They had barley head out before they where almost hit by Basilisk rounds. Turned out they where in a military training zone. After convincing the officer to let them pass. They ran into a trader and bartered some goods. They later ran into bandits lead by ( Deseced) Frohrn the slayer. After a short confrentastion the Acyoltes continoue tracking down the smugglers. After finding their base and attempting to interigate ( Deseced) Jarrik tyrnel. Octavious tried to use Zax Holthane to get into the base. He was succesful. They where Abel to meet with Golsken Hres. They made a deal and he told them that some cultist calling themselves the Inheritors was going to leav the planet with Xeno aretfacts.

Standing in the shadow

Inquisitor Marius meet with the Acolytes and informed about howOath-Captain Kaytian Nils was seeking their help with a case.

The scene is marked by several strange factors that led her to reach out to the Acolytes. Confirming the Oath-Captain’s fears that something unnatural and heretical is at work, the crime scene that the Acolytes find themselves investigating is the aftermath of a deadly encounter between smugglers of the Trade Sable and cultists. After trying to track down the survivors with the xenos artefacts. They had a run in with a tech-priest that helped them pin point their targets with the vox they found on one of the bodies. On the way they meet with a begger, who seem to know much more then he should about what was happening. He claimed his name was Krumb. He asksed the Acolytes to deliver a ring to a landing platform if they could. Then they hunt down the smugglers and killed all but their leader. They found a map on them that indicated that they where heading out of the hive. They made a deal to get a ride and forced a waste local named Lano for help.
A pestilent heart
After the conflict in Gantry, and with both the Sanctionaries and Red walks in tow, the Acolytes descend into the sump-swamp and the wild ruins of the Underhive. A perilous journey in its own right, having the fend off sightless horrors. The Blessed Flesh’s was hidden in the remains of a massive archeotech construction platform, a veritable fortress rising from the toxic river. Through force, the Acolyte’s raced up to stop Ferrue Fayne before he could summon up a Herald of Nurgle to lead his army of animated dead. They where able to kill him but Aynthrexes appeard. Vornas Crimson try to cut the deamon, only to be crushed by it’s massive bone club. It took the combined by efforts by everybody to stop the deamon. he left leaving an ill omen about what awaited the warband. Imk declared himself the new leader of the Red walk. Now hopefully, the peace has been restored to the underhive.

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